Dog Night at the Story Zoo

Dog Night at the Story Zoo - cover

RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2017

Illustrated by Vicki Nerino

It’s Open Mic Night at the Story Zoo and the dogs are up to tell their tales in this hilarious graphic novel for young readers.

At the Story Zoo, you get to tell any story you want in front of the live audience, as long as it’s about you. And tonight is dog night. So sit back, relax, and let these dogs tell their tales. We’ve got some hilarious but quite touching stories from dogs of all kinds, including a bulldog who doesn’t wanted to be judged by his looks; a bloodhound who loses her power of scent and turns to a dog called Surelick Holmes for help; an energetic poodle who saves the day with her yapping; and a stray who takes fetching to a whole new level.

These stories will make you laugh, make you cry and maybe even make you howl at the moon. Whether you’re looking for smart, funny, sweet, sharp, silly or just plain fuzzy, The Story Zoo is going to be your new favorite haunt.

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2019 Oy Vey! Funniest Children’s Book Award Honour Book

Bar-el’s language is full of quips and the kind of humour that could cause my niece to laugh so hard she would complain of stomach pain. In other words, the laughs are grown-up enough that children can work a little to get them and then guffaw and share. Given the tendency of so many books for young readers — and graphic novels in particular — to be too slow and obvious, this book is a pleasant alternative.” 

Vancouver Sun, June 2017

“Dog Night at the Story Zoo is a step above most graphic novels and an impressive first effort from this creative team.” 

London Free Press, September, 2017

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Recommended by the Toronto Star – July 2017!

Dog Night - page example - Copy

“The illustrator, Vicki Nerino has developed excellent graphics that depict the characters and their surroundings in great detail and colour…. But, what I love about this novel is the fact that it will be of interest to many ages, whether read to or read alone. Many other zoo animals are also involved, and their chatter keeps the reader giggling. Well written with excellent illustrations, Dog Night at the Story Zoo will pique the interest of the most reluctant reader.”  Highly Recommended

CM Magazine, December 15, 2017

“This is a wonderful book which will thrill all readers and pet lovers in particular!” Rated: Excellent

Resource Links Magazine, 2017