Not Your Typical Dragon

Not Your Typical Dragon - CopyIllustrated by Tim Bowers

Everyone knows your typical dragon breathes fire.

But when Crispin tries to breathe fire on his seventh birthday, fire doesn’t come out – only whipped cream! Each time Crispin tries to breathe fire, he ends up with:

Band-Aids. Marshmallows. Teddy Bears?

Crispin wonders if he’ll ever find his inner fire. But when a family emergency breaks out, it takes a little dragon with not-so-typical abilities to save the day.

With wry humor and whimsical illustrations, Not Your Typical Dragon is the perfect story for any child who can’t help feeling a little bit different.

Winner of:                                            Crispin Blaze reading Not Your Typical Dragon

  • Chocolate Lily Award 2014-2015
  • Nevada Young Readers’ Award 2017

Shortlisted for:

  • BC Book Prize 2014 (Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Award)
  • 2018 Rainforest of Reading Award
  • Libris Award’s Picture Book of the Year 2014

Selected to be part of:ImaginationLibrary-LOGO1 - Copy

  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for 2015 and 2016
  • Scholastic’s Reading Club (soft cover)
  • TD Reading club 2013

“Best of” Lists:

  • Bank Street College of Education’s Best Books of the Year for Children and Adults 2014
  • Greater Victoria Public Library Best Picture Books of 2013



“Bar-el creates an entertaining and comforting tale aimed at children who long to be appreciated for what they can do, even if it’s not exactly what their parents were expecting.”

          Booklist, February 2013

“Bower’s colorful bug-eyed dragons and Middle-Ages-meets-the-suburbs setting amplify the humor in Bar-el’s prose …”

          Publishers Weekly, December 2012

“Share this with your favorite atypical kids.”

          Kirkus Review, December 12, 2012


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