That One Spooky Night

That One Spooky Night - graphic novelIllustrated by David Huyck

One strange and peculiar night …

A flighty girl hopped on a broom, ready to trick-or-treat. But when she crossed paths with a most unusual woman … the trick was on her!

On that same night, two brave superheroes returned home tired but victorious – only to find their biggest foe waiting … in the bathtub!

On that very same night, four fiendish friends set out to terrorize the neighbourhood – until a real fang gang took a bite out of their fun!

Oh, yes, it was … That One Spooky Night!

Shortlisted for:

  • Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award 2013-2014

Chosen as:

  • A Junior Library Guild Selection – fall 2012

“Best of” Lists:

  • Resource Links Magazine – Year’s Best Books 2012
  • Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre, 2013

That One Spooky Night - example

“These quick, cute, gentle, snappy, and sassy holiday comics are a great transitional read for those moving out of Babymouse territory into something a little more sophisticated yet still safe.”

Booklist, October 15, 2012

“Dan Bar-el … continues to cleverly twist classic tropes to create something witty and unexpected.”

Canadian Children’s Book News, Winter 2013

“Huyck illustrates the rapidly paced action in classic comic-book style, making sure to skillfully depict every shock, scare and look of relief. A good choice for readers new to the format and those looking for a quick hit of Halloween silliness.”

Kirkus Review, August 1, 2012