Story Telling

One of my big joys when visiting schools and libraries is the opportunity to tell stories, whether they are my picture books or old tales I’ve discovered and like. And often with my middle grade novels I am focussed on the narrator’s voice as well as characters’.

Not Your Typical Dragon

Not Your Typical Dragon is one of my most popular picture book stories. As of writing this (during the Covid-19 virus pandemic), I counted more than seventy YouTube readings of this book. But when I present it to children, usually between the ages of three – seven, I tell the story first, so the children see the images in their head, and can join me in adding sound effects, and then we revisit the book by looking at the illustrations of the story as interpreted by Tim Bowers. Here is recording of me telling the story at home, much like I would do it in front of a young audience, but with the inserts of the illustrations throughout.

Mother Bright and Her Apple Tree

This is a video of my telling of a French folktale that I adapted many years ago. Mother Bright and her Apple Tree is a funny and poignant story about an independent, old woman who lives life on her own terms.

In telling this tale, I wish to honour the many elderly people who have succumbed to the Covid-19 virus before their time. If you should be so moved by the story, please consider donating a few dollars to a local organization that assists in caring for seniors. can offer many places across the country.…

A small warning – this story may not be suitable for younger children as it addresses the topic of death, albeit in a funny, gentle way. I leave it up to your discretion.

It’s Great Being a Dad

A quick and lively telling of the picture book, It’s Great Being a Dad, illustrated by Gina Perry and published by Tundra Books (Penguin Random House). This is a funny story in celebration of imaginative play, and an invitation to dads to join in the hilarity.

If you like stories with unicorns, Big Foot, robots and Loch Ness Monsters, then this book has you covered. And dare I say, it would make a fun Father’s Day read for cool dads.