Nine Words Max

Nine Words Max cover - Copy - Copy

Illustrated by David Huyck

Maximilian is a prince who loves to talk: No topic is too small, no story too boring. Max’s brother are the opposite – the less said the better.

When the king and queen go on a trip and leave the brothers alone, the 3 princes put a spell on Max that limits him to speaking only 9 words at a time. The brothers are delighted: peace and quiet at last!

But when a fearsome dignitary arrives, they realize the true value of their brother’s insatiable need for knowledge.

“Dan Bar-el creates a charmingly sweet story that makes readers laugh. David Huyck’s illustrations are amusing and engaging. The pictures and the words work well together to make a wonderful story come to life.”

Canadian Children’s Book News, summer 2014


“David Huyck’s slapstick panel styled scenes are visually dense with humorous details — the pictorial equivalent of Max’s minutiae-saturated monologues.”

Vancouver Sun, May 15, 2014

going on holiday

“Bar-el uses his skills as a storyteller, educator and children’s author to spin an entertaining, quirky tale that celebrates the use of language. … The rich vocabulary and lively text are well-served by Huyck’s high energy illustrations. Highly Recommended.”

CM Magazine, volume XX, number 29