Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North

Shortlisted for the 2021 BC and Yukon Book Prize!

The adventures of Duane the polar bear and his arctic friends continue in this charming sequel to the modern-day classic The Very, Very Far North, which Booklist compared to Winnie the Pooh in a starred review.

Past the place where icebergs shiver, you will find the Very, Very Far North, where Duane and his friends are sure to make you feel right at home. You might like to share a delicious Snow Delight with warmhearted Duane. While you’re slurping away, if C.C. suddenly asks you where you’ve come from, it’s not because she’s nosy; she is simply gathering scientific data. If Handsome, the musk ox, pays a visit, a quick hair combing is highly recommended. Should you notice a quiet caribou grazing nearby, well, that’s just Boo’s way of saying hello.

And if a less-than-friendly visitor arrives to sneak, shove, and shake things up, Duane and the others might discover that life isn’t always as peaceful as mid-late-afternoon nap. Fortunately, they know that change is as much a part of life as picnics and Tuesdays and cozy stories shared among friends.


8 thoughts on “Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North

  1. Dear CC,
    I really hope that you make another book of the very very far north with new adventures so we can read it.
    From your buddy,
    Alex (age 7)


    1. Dear Alex the human child, I will speak with the author and bring up your suggestion. I think it is a very good suggestion, scientifically speaking. More books means more reading. Sincerely yours, C.C. (your buddy)


      1. Dear Duane, I really hope you make a movie of the very very far north. I love hearing stories about you and your friends. Please thank CC for writing back to me. I requested the next book from the library. Thank you. From your buddy, Alex (age 7)

        Sent from my iPhone



      2. Dear Alex, I have passed on your thanks to C.C. who pointed out to me that you are very good at suggestions, and then she showed me a picture of a movie in one of her books because it was a new word for me. I hope you enjoy the stories in the next book. There are some problems that arise because of a weasel, but all works out at the end. Sincerely yours, Duane the polar bear.


    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for reaching out. I’m very happy that you enjoyed the sequel. As for the audiobook, I have no input with the publisher on that decision, and in fact, the audiobook for The Very, Very Far North came as a wonderful surprise to me. Fingers crossed it happens again, and with the same reader, who did such a good job. All good wishes, Dan


    1. Hello Micah, thank you for writing to me and letting me know what you thought of my books! That makes me very happy. The short answer to your question: I am seriously thinking about it these days.


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